1. If It Doesn't Feel Good, Change It!

Getting started is often the hardest part of the workout and if you're not enjoying your current form of exercise, change it! There are no rules that say you have to take up yoga or do barre when all you really enjoy is a long run.

2. Workout with a Partner

Not only will you keep one another motivated, but it will make your workouts a fun experience. Choose a friend or family member who will hold you accountable, inspire you and be willing to go at your pace.

3. Make the Ultimate Playlist

Listening to your favourite music or podcast episodes are a great way to stay motivated and feeling good during your workouts. Not only will you have something exciting to focus on, but it will also keep you from constantly checking the time or wondering how many more kilometres until you've reached your daily goal.

Always consult a professional before making any lifestyle changes that may affect your health.